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What is the cloud and how it can work for you and your business

Jun 17, 2016 9:35 AM
by Jai Cole

Cloud computing is a host provider that stores and processes individual users and enterprise with capabilities to store and process large amounts of data that can be accessed with a browser anytime anywhere and by multiple users. It eliminates the need to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers. For example Google docs is a cloud based computing service. It stores your documents and provides individuals with the right permissions can access these documents anywhere 24/7- 365 –in real time with virtually no downtime. If you lose your device you can access your documents stored in the cloud from any device that has an internet connection. When you work on Blackboard you are working in the cloud.

*Here is how cloud computing can work for you in business.

It’s no secret that the speed of business is increasing exponentially. In order to remain competitive, businesses have to utilize tools and resources so that employees can increase productivity, enhance profit, growth and enable employees to connect instantaneously from anywhere with clients. The cloud makes it easier and faster to access the company database from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This is especially valuable when working remotely there is access to company data with smart phones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices. Mobilizing your workforce with cloud computing offers many benefits: 

Higher productivity 

Today’s employees are always on the go, your employees can access all of your software, and data from any locations they take their work with them. The cloud improves efficiency by making it possible to access the data in real-time rather than waiting until the employee returns to the office. Inaccuracies and mistakes from data entry can be avoided when the employee can complete their responsibilities in real-time.

Increased win rates

Providing real-time customer data to your team allows them to better meet the needs of prospects, improving their ability to close more deals quickly.

Better customer service

You and your employees will be able to provide more customized and responsive service, they will be able to get back to customers more quickly, improving relations and service.

Improved security

Laptops are the most likely target of theft when an employee travels. Encouraging the use of mobile devices can eliminate the risks. Mobile devices store less data than a laptop. When you use cloud computing, you can access all data via a secure Internet connection and avoid the need for storing anything on the device itself. 

There you have it “To Cloud or not to Cloud” that is the proverbial question.

*Resource Victor Ng, EXOCLOUD

Like they say “once in cyberspace always in cyberspace”

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