Leaders in exposition management services in Canada, and providing services to the exposition industry. We are one of the few expo management companies providing this level and variety of services.

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Expositions are the most effective vehicle for face-to-face marketing, lead generation, sales and branding.

Face-to-Face events produce direct results and have a proven track record as the most successful marketing medium connecting buyers and sellers in any industry.

Plum Communications is an internationally recognized  independant event service company since 1984.

A trade or consumer exposition is the sum of a myriad of smaller projects that when all are completed become a dynamic  face-to-face marketplace.

Plum Communications offers expertise and services to corporate, exposition & event producers. When that project may not meet its' critical deadline, Call Plum to ensure each project is on time and professionally executed.

Most professionals say they "fell into" the expo business. 

Plum has 25 years of active expo management and a dozen years of formal expo management training. 

Bruce and Jai Cole are founding faculty of the Exposition and Convention Management course at George Brown College, Toronto and seasoned presenters and trainers at industry events.

Jai Cole, CEM, is a faculty member of the renowned IAEE, International Assocation of Expositions and Events, CEM, Certified Exposition Management program.

Both specialize in all aspects of expo and event training, including exhibit sales, operations, logistics, developing budgets, business plans and marketing.

Does that new hire need hands on training. Call Plum Communications today!



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